Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Photography :]

Hi guys! Hope your summer has been going well. :) Have you gone on any vacations yet?
I have finally written a new post-- again, about photography.
Although I love featuring other photographers,
I thought it would be nice to share my photography for once.
Some of these pictures are really old, but I love them all the same.
Hopefully my skills will improve though, haha. I love taking close ups and landscape pictures!
 So because these landscapes are especially gorgeous,
 I admit that it is not so much my 'skills' as the automatic beauty of the places..
By the way, you are free to use any of these pictures as long as you do not take credit for them.
And be prepared...this is a REALLY long post.. !

The Andes on the Inca Trail In Peru

My friend took this of me, I usually don't post pictures of myself but it's taken in my favorite lighting!
(right before sunset)

It's mostly the bittersweet symbolism and juxtaposition between the engraving in the mountain and the broken roof in this photo that stands out to me

This photo is not especially wonderful, except I felt obligated to post it... for when I was 6 years old I was skiing here in the French Alps and lost control and crashed into this sign..&broke my leg!!  I laugh about it now though-I'm sort of a klutz :] They added the padding afterr my accident.

Peru, again <3

More Peru! Most of my best pictures were taken there, I'm in love with the Andes.

Love sun pictures!! Unfortunately they are horrible for my camera though.. haha

Also in Peru!! WE were in the cloud forest- probably my favorite part of the trip.it was almost on the top of the mountain and the fog was beautiful to me.

This was actually taken when it snowed in Boston-I felt the urge to engrave my hand and a heart in the snow.

Also Boston! Telltale signs of the coming of spring:)

Vermont! I love the bubbles and even the hand- it just gives a fun camp-y sort of vibe

This was taken through the glass, and although the quality is poor, it is the jaguar's expression that pierces my heart. It's cage at the Dallas Aquarium is horribly small and kids are beating on the glass- the poor animal seems lost.

The French Alps again! I love the lighting in the snow

Peruvian rainforest! This section of the river appears very chaotic, which is one of the things I love about the picture.

At Machu Picchu- The stone matches the mountain behind it!

A mysterious path winding through the cloud forest.

In deep thought...

On the plane! The tips of a mountain are just poking through as we prepare to land and  slide through the clouds.

Finally, a simple chair lift going down the mountain to fetch more skiers. Would you like to take a seat?


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