Monday, May 30, 2011

Feature: Andrew Collings Photography

There's something so fresh about photography when it's done right& Andrew Colling's photography is especially amazing. He photographs weddings and cityscapes, and does a truely does a fantastic job! He's centered in Chicago, which is an absolutely beautiful place (one of my favorite cities, too).

 Enjoy! :)

I love the bright light in this picture, the lighting scale and value on this picture is also fabulous.  The picture is taken below the couple, as if you turned to walk up the staircase and caught them in the moment.  Notice also how the reflective walls draw focus to the light and their figures.

The colors and textures are perfect; this shot also allows the table to fill up half the frame while still being able to view the background. 

Nothing like a picture taken just straight up at the sky; beautiful!

Again, notice the light in the background near the couple; it allows just the right touch that makes the shot more interesting.

This time, the focus is on the bride's reflection, rather than the bride herself, which adds even more interest to the photo.

Where was this taken? University of Chicago:) The most beautiful campus ever.

Once again, the subject (the three girls walking), is at a distance, which gives you the sense that you ran into them.

I love this photo- the flower girl looks mesmerized with her surroundings, maybe wondering what her wedding will be like when she grows up.

[All photographs featured may be found on his website:]


  1. what a beautiful and inspiring post! congrats on the new blog - you're in for a real adventure in the world of blogging! best of luck to you :) xoxo - julie

  2. Thank you! :) I love your blog and website, your finds are amazing. thanks for taking a look at this!